GigiMoll was born in 2014 in beautiful San Francisco, brought to life by Founder and Lead Designer - Gigi, who creates all prints exclusively for our brand.

A few years into growing our company’s unique, handmade clothing line, Gigi became more aware of the negative impact the fashion industry has on our planet. Being naturally environmentally conscious by heart, this realization simply didn't align with the company values and Gigi made the heartbreaking decision to halt all operations at GIgiMoll. After months of re-evaluating what she wanted her brand to stand for, she decided to put everything she had into creating solutions that could impact, not only GigiMoll designs, but the fashion ecosystem as a whole. With this renewed mission, Gigi set out to revive the brand with a more powerful sense of purpose, to maintain and keep doing what she loves while spreading awareness of global environmental problems and doing the best to be part of the solution, not the problem.

We decided to start over, stronger than ever, with a greater knowledge and a higher purpose of our products. From the manufacturing and fabric choices, to the packaging and the care we show our valued like minded customers, our quality and purpose shines through.


GigiMoll is for the free, mindful and elegant individual with a zest for life and gentle love for our planet. All of our products are proudly made with that in mind: sexy on you, gentle on the planet.