GigiMoll was born as a fun game of prints and ways to elaborate them into comfortable, flattering and practical styles from the yoga mat, beach and dance floor to the luxurious vacation, music festival or yoga retreat.

We design for the free and bright spirited persona with zest for life and gentle love for our planet. Bright bold prints and colors are some of our staples.

As we were evolving in our journey we became fully aware of the ocean and earth pollution which fashion causes. Having a big heart for sustainability we became very concerned about the ways and choices we make for our products from manufacturing to fabric choices and packaging. 

We wanted to be part of the change and stand against these global problems and help in every way possible.This is exactly what inspire us to find ways which are more gentle on us, all beings and our planet.

Our products are made of regenerated, recycled, biodegradable and sustainable materials with minimal impact on the environment in fair working environment and above average pay. All of our products are vegan.

Every bikii you buy supports cleaning up the oceans. 

GENTLE on you, all beings and our planet